CNS Stills

"Hey did anybody get a screen cap of tha- oh sweet!"

Stills from “Extreme Circumstances.”


From the very beginning. The “infected dossier”


  1. the landlord
  2. ???, Interrogationis, Plexippus
  3. ???, Dido, Alcon, Protenor
  4. Hesperiaris (with his face blacked out?), ???, Aricoris, Arthemis?, Septentrionis, Eresimus
  5. Segecia, Selene?, Dido, Croesus, Kallima
  6. top of Kallima’s picture
  7. Caught, Nepalica, Inachis (drawn on), Wollastoni, Tarquinius
  8. Heliconoides, Crino, Satyrus and Papilio, Melpomene, Samuelis, Lycaena, Agathymus, and Denitza at the bottom
  9. Hyparete (face blacked out), Glaucopsyche, Little Butterfly, Apollo

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